Promoting Health and Wellness

CV-19 Timeline
Students will return to campus at Salisbury University this fall with a hybrid class schedule that includes both in-person and online components. Many anticipate the 2020-2021 school year will see the end of CV-19. Even still, the 20-month construction schedule for The Ross will conservatively allow two full school years to pass before the building is open to tenants in August of 2022.

Important Design Considerations
  • 1:1 Bed/Bath Ratio
  • Individual Unit HVAC/Ventilation Systems
  • Study Rooms with Printing Stations
  • Individual Desks in Bedrooms
  • Frictionless/Touchless On-Site Convenience Store
  • Sound Buffering STC Rating 56
  • High Speed Internet
  • On-site Fitness Room
  • Walking Access City Park and Riverwalk
  • Hard Surface Flooring in Units (No Carpet)
  • Non-Porous Countertops